Supported Yoga Practice: Find Space to Step Forward and Discover Some Sneaky Core Work Too

Do you find it a struggle to step forward from Down Dog to High Lunge? I mean sometimes it just doesn’t seem possible to place the foot by the hands when they’re that far away from one another, no? There are a few factors that can make it challenging too. Tight hips, tight ankles, fuller mid-drifts, and simple being upside down! I mean seriously that can be a lot at once especially when we’re seeking the zen of connecting movement with breath! So, what’s the solution?


YES! The chair elevates the floor so you have more room to move your hips and ankles, thereby making more room for your torso to move through! Make sure your chair is sturdy and place all four feet of the chair onto the mat. This will help to create a secure space for you to move freely in your practice. Another point to note is that when you practice often with your chair, you can eventually transition the posture to the floor with new confidence making the overall posture more approachable. The chair allows room for progress with less struggle. You can be more playful while learning how to move, making better connections while unifying movement and breath!


In this practice you will explore moving from DownDog to Plank, then transitioning to Low Lunge. This practice is focused on slow moves of bringing the foot forward, drawing the knee towards the chest, aligning the knee with the ankle with the foot suspended mid-air. Then finally placing the foot, squaring the hips and staying for awhile with your breath. It’s an intentional practice to help fire up the core with the actions of moving forward and back. Take your time. See what you can discover this time. Have fun with this 10 minute practice and come back to it again to explore while discovering something new each time your step onto your mat. Enjoy your practice!