Listen you know that you need to take better care of your body, your mind, and our overall health, right? Yet, it’s overwhelming to know where to begin! There is SO MUCH information available today that you genuinely feel information overload, and by the way… maybe you don’t want to jump on a box or flip a tire today. Or even NEVER for that matter! You’re Middle-aged not without common sense!

Yet, you haven’t moved for years maybe even decades due to the practice of putting others first whether it be family, work, or both. Maybe an injury sidelined you for a period of time and you simply don’t have the confidence to get going again. Feeling guilt for putting self-first is a real emotion. Being fearful of re-injury is a valid stance to take after healing from physical and/or emotional pain. Both of these mindsets effect how you show up in the world.

There’s also the time component, coupled with the notion that there isn’t enough of it in the day! Well, as we enter into midlife time has a way of becoming more available. It’s up to you to determine how to use it more productively. Why not be proactive with your health? Reduce your aches, reduce your stress, gain a new appreciation for what you can do by beginning with scaleable action steps.

You DO WANT to feel better in your body. You want to have body confidence so you can take on the nature trails, or anything else that makes your life more fulfilling. You DO WANT to find effective ways to reduce your daily stress not only in practice, but also in life. You DO WANT to envision a greater sense of living fully for the next several decades of your life too. Yes, you may be older and there’s still plenty of life to experience ahead of you. What are you going to do with it? How are you going to use your time? When are you going to begin putting yourself first?

Zest is defined as great enthusiasm and energy! Seriously, who doesn’t want and deserve more of that in their daily life both physically and mentally?!! Zest also packs a punch, because a little bit of it goes a long way in making a noticeable difference that’s meaningful for you and your lifestyle.

Within the Zestful community we learn to move more efficiently in our bodies, we learn to be more intentional with our thoughts, and we know fully that are best life is just beginning, so the life dreaming continues. It’s time to challenge the narrative of what health looks like, so we welcome you to be a part of the zesty narrative.

Move – Learn – Connect … this is The Zestful Movement. We’re glad you’re here!

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Photo by: Bridget Wray