Supported Yoga Practice: Building Hip Strength and Practice Balance While Being Supported

The hips can become weak overtime from sitting and then we begin to notice the side-effects of tension, pain, weakness that expand from the hips to the low back. So why not build strength in our hips right from the chair that we’re sitting upon daily? I’m here to tell you it’s possible and with the 12 minute practice you’ll get to discover the benefits for yourself, and that’s where the real change lies!

With this practice you’ll need a stable chair without arms, a yoga block or some type of firm support to rest your knee upon. That’s actually the beauty of a supported practice.. it takes the worry out of the pains and aches that follow us around with day to day task. When we practice on a regular basis we may also come to find that the aches begin to ease up as well. So let’s begin.

In this practice you’ll be exploring 3 things:

-Hip Mobility

-Core Engagement with Breath Support

-Balance and Endurance

I encourage you to take your time by allowing your breath to guide the practice. I also recommend that you practice this and ALL of the videos often, because it’s with repetition that we begin to gain new insights about how our individual body works, how our breath moves differently when we apply intention, and how we notice how we’ve become stronger over time with consistent practice.

I think the best part is we also learn that we are deserving of personal time to practice and grow into our wellness. This practice is a quick 12 minutes, take the time and see how moving can be o sooooo goood for you!