Mindful Minute: Quick Hip Relief Part 2

Hmmmmm, how long have you been sitting today, yesterday, and the day before? ✨

Are you noticing stiffness in your hips? Tightness in the back of your upper legs? Soreness in your low-back? Fatigue in your body and mind? ✨

If you’ve said YES to any of the questions you’re in luck… it’s time for a Mindful Minute to help break the cycle of sitting with this Part 2 movement for the hips! ✨

You’ll need a stable chair, which you’re probably already sitting on. A block, or any solid surface that you can place your knee on …. most of you’re working at home so get creative! ✨

Also, no one is really watching you either, no strange stares from the co-workers to be overly concerned with today! ✨

So go ahead, and let your guard down! Find a solid knee support and join me in some movement that your body will thank you for later … I promise! ✨

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