TRUTH: 5 Facts About Me

In the world of pretty social media it’s so easy to assume that all is perfect in people’s worlds. You can pretend like,  “Wow that Ericka has really got it all figured out and her life is simple splendid, no?” When in reality that’s just silly talk and if you pause to think about it you also know in the depths of your heart that it’s not true or possible! Why, because I am human just like you and life is wonderful in moments. Then real life comes along to remind you of the personal growth that’s still available if you choose to walk the path of self awareness.  With that being said, here are 5 Facts About Me that you probably didn’t know…..

  • I Hate to Cook and I Love to Eat

Real story!!! When my kids were little I used to enjoy making meals and providing them a variety of good nutrition… it was so rewarding! Then middle school happened and their sense of food adventure went with it too! The struggle of making meals and feeding them genuinely zapped my energy, I so opted for ease over grumpiness in the home. Now that they’re older, literally young adults, I say YES whenever my husband ask me if I want to go out to eat…. without hesitation!!! I love going to the variety of Farm to Table Restaurants in my town of Kansas City. Fresh, pretty and tasty food is my favorite. I guess you can say I’ve become a foodie in this phase of my life. It’s not a bad thing and RYE is on of my favorite places to be!

  • Coffee is a Quiet Ritual for Me

I do begin pretty much every day with a cup of coffee. It’s not because I’m seeking that morning buzz, but rather is part of my morning ritual. I enjoy the whole production of smelling the beans, grinding them up, allowing them the additional time to steep. Once ready I pour my special brew into one of my most favorite, Polish, handmade mugs! Then the best part … topping it off with perfectly made frothy nutpods from my Nespresso Frother. It never gets old and the joy it brings me first thing in the morning is a special moment that I look forward to often! The only way it can be better is when my husband treats me with a cup in bed on the weekends. Truly a simple pleasure.

  • I Live with and Move with Spinal Pain Often

Due to genetics, repetitive movement overtime, lack of stability and let’s just say it….. getting older! I managed to injure my upper and lower spine. Even with mindful movement, if I don’t give myself excellent care it flares up with symptoms of numbness, shooting pain and my favorite heavy, dull body aches. So, I’ve learned to pace myself and ease up when my body starts giving me the cues that it needs a break. It has been such a challenging lesson, because once I get going on a project it’s challenging for me to stop. The blessing of my injury is that I’ve learned that it’s okay to take it one step at a time with breaks in between when needed. In fact, in some ways it’s taught me to enjoy my life more, while being more than okay with what I can accomplish in a given period of time. No one needs to save the world everyday… right?!

Gardening Keeps Me Grounded in Living Life

Who knew that playing in the dirt as an adult could bring the same level of joy as making mud pies when once a child? I surely didn’t and I rediscovered my joy for gardening my daughter’s Senior year of high school. It was a lesson of planting, nurturing, accepting outcomes and then practicing letting go. While believing that all things have a cycle with highs and lows. If I can accept those concepts, I can also believe that with patience more comes back in time. Change is probably the one truth in life that’s not always welcome and it keeps coming like it or not! Gardening has helped me to accept it while helping to remind that beauty and bounty is a side effect of change too. I need to practice seeing the good that comes with change and time. It helps me with the interesting concepts midlife has to offer.

  • I Believe that Accepting and Loving Self First is Key to Being Zesty

This one is my favorite and at 47 I’m just now beginning to understand how truly important self-love is in living life fully with zest. Think of it this way…. the only person we spend every waking and sleeping moment with is self. No one sees us more, hears us more, or understands us more so why not love our self most? It’s not selfish, it’s actually essential to get the most out life. Taking care of me has become a great pleasure and in doing so I’ve learned my value, along with my worth. I also can celebrate my strengths while taking on my weakness with the a patient courage that allows me to become more of a full person overtime. Isn’t that the point of living life anyway? Be you, love you, support you and keep growing into the person you are meant to become throughout your lifetime. You are worthy of complete joy!