Mindful Minute: Strong, Happy Shoulders Part 3 of 3

It’s time for a Mindful Minute and I think in these current times we need these moments more than ever….. it’s a must to unplug for some self care!!! *

Your body, your mind, and your spirit will thank you immensely for the practice and habit of self care. 🙏🏼💚 *

Today we continue with the shoulder series and honestly this is one of my favorite moves….here are a few tips to help you get the most from it. *

Sit up and create length on both sides of your torso by pressing equally through your feet will lifting up through the top of your head. *

When making the circle action with your elbow, imagine you’re drawing the actually circle on the wall so you can create your full range of motion within the action. *

Once you’ve completed the action on both sides you can engage in a little brain work by trying both sides in an alternating pattern, then in unison. While doing so challenge yourself to connect the action with your breath and keeping the torso engaged and steady. *

The best thing you can do for yourself during challenging times is to take care of self. Eat well, sleep well, move well, stay hydrated and most importantly while keeping yourself abreast of the now continue to dream, and plan for your future…it’s important! *

There are many more Mindful Minutes on my blog please access them … they’re there for you to explore and enjoy! 💚