Mindful Minute: Relieve Upper Back Tension Quickly

Monday means it’s time for a NEW Mindful Minute … and this one is a bit out of sequence, but I feel it’s relevant for today’s climate.

This one was created for @chairworkouts to help relieve tension in the upper back that can come with sitting and daily stress. The best part is you’ll be giving yourself a big hug with a deep breath, it’s a perfect practice for the now. *

Remember to plant you feet while reaching through the top of your head. Then connect your breath with each movement. Take your time to practice some self care throughout your day! *

It will support your nervous system which will support your mood, your focus, your stress levels, and your overall well-being in a positive way. *

Also, don’t forget the benefits of getting movement at this time to help release those feel good endorphins that we ALL need right now too! *

If you want to ramp things up on the chair go check out @chairworkouts… Donovan is the yang to my yin and he’ll get your heart pumping all with the support of a chair. *

We’re here for YOU! Keep moving, keep breathing, keep planning forward … this too will pass 💚