Mindful Minute: Keep Your Feet Healthy with These Accessible Moves; Part 4 of 4

It’s Monday…and a MINDFUL MINUTE segment is ready for you to help wrap up 4 weeks of focusing on accessible moves for happier feet!! *

Go grab a hand-towel and let’s build some strength, endurance and lubricated joints for our feet! This may be the most challenging of the four segments and there’s nothing wrong with some work to get desired outcomes…in this instance, Happy Feet! *

Don’t forget to use ALL of these segments as you need throughout the day! You can easily access them on my blog! All can be done seated where ever you might find yourself within the day. *

Mix and Match them over the course of the week and begin to notice the difference of how your feet and overall body begins to feel … it only takes a moment to feel good in your body, so get movin’!!! *

During the month of March the focus will be on the shoulders, and YES 🙌🏼 the neck and upper back will experience the benefits of these Mindful Minutes too!