Mindful Minute: Keep Your Feet Healthy with These Accessible Moves; Part 3 of 4

It’s time for a Mindful Minute and we’re continuing with the feet, part 3/4. *

If you’re like me and appreciate the game of tennis, but wasn’t blessed with the quick reflex to get the tennis ball back over the net. You’ll enjoy this practice even more, because you’ll be able to put those extra tennis balls to excellent use today, bravo friend!!! *

This is probably one of my favorite foot practices too, because it’s like a massage for the entire sole of the foot. *

This practice can be done seated, or standing to add pressure while giving the opportunity to practice some balance work too. *

Be mindful of getting all the areas of the sole of the foot to help break up connective tissue and increase blood flood for much deserved pampering of the feet! *

Lastly, try these actions seated with your eyes closed to help increase your body awareness in space … it’s a great practice in balance! *

Keep me posted on how these foot actions are working for you, and keep moving to increase your senses of well-being!