Mindful Minute – Relieve Neck Tension with Two Steps in One Minute

Did someone say I need a mindful minute? Well, here is one to help relive neck tension with two steps to get your neck feeling better! If neck discomfort is a reoccurring issue for you, this was created with you in mind! Neck tension can be common, because we’ve all experienced the moments of letting our head hang forward of our body like a giant bowling ball. Or even getting a kink in the neck from a subtle movement, or bad night’s sleep.

This technique was shared with me years ago by my Physical Therapist, Dr. Abby and I still put it into use today! When performing this technique make sure you’re sitting up straight, with both feet firmly on the ground. Exhale when moving the head back, Inhale when returning to center (neutral). Continue this action until you feel a sense of relief from your day to day neck strain. Take breaks in between sets if needed too!

Remember it only takes a minute to improve your senses of well-being when you choose to move mindfully, so get moving and I’ll see you next time!

(if you have chronic neck issues seek the help of a medical professional, thank you)