Mindful Minute – Better Posture with One Simple Cue, Shoulders Over Hips

This is a segment I’ve been wanting to create for awhile now and today is the day to put it into action … here it is my first Mindful Minute segment … YAY!

There are so many options supporting the goal of wellness that it can become overwhelming. especially, if we haven’t been active for years, or even decades! I genuinely believe a little something is better than a whole lot of nothing. Starting where we’re at while learning how certain actions make our body feel can empower us to get moving in smaller steps. If we’re consistent with those small steps, we can turn them into strides, that transform into leaps and bounds!!!

It’s my goal with the Mindful Minute to provide tangible tools that you can implement throughout your day. Helping you to gain self awareness, so you may feel the benefits of mindful movement in your body, while leading you to a greater sense of well-being.

Remember it only takes a moment to increase your sense of wellness, so don’t hesitate in taking the time to be mindful today and everyday moving forward. Feeling our best is up to us! We can start with our posture, moving our shoulders over our hips, I guarantee it will make a positive difference! So come on, let’s get moving!!