Mindful Minute: Keep Your Feet Healthy with Easy Accessible Movements; Part 1 of 4

If we can’t take a moment to thank our feet daily, then are really embracing self care? No worries, because I have a Mindful Minute for you!

The next 4 weeks I’ll be sharing with you simple moves that will help bring awareness to your feet and how their mobility impacts the entire low body.

As we work through these postures let’s be mindful to sit up tall, while connecting our breath with each action.

Inhale to expand the posture. Exhale to deepen the posture.

Repeat the movements as often as needed throughout the day to help ease tension, to reduce stress, and to feel better connected in your body.

Let me know how it goes, and I’m looking forward to sharing more moves in the weeks to come for happier feet!!!