Chair Yoga Q&A #3 – Can Balance Postures Be Practiced on the Chair?

One of my favorite questions is, how can balancing postures be practiced on the chair? I know it doesn’t seem practical, yet I’m here to tell you it’s also possible! One of the absolute requirements of Chair Yoga practice is to stop thinking about what a pose is supposed to look like. Instead, begin to think about how a pose feels within the individual body.

What is being lengthened, or stretched? What is being weighted, or strengthened? What is the position of the spine? How does the position support, or impede the breath? Where is the sense of rooting (anchoring the posture), or rising (lengthening the spine)taking place within the posture? Where can we let go of overthinking, and trust process as we show up for our daily, or weekly practice?

It’s when we adopt theses thoughts that we can begin to approach the chair within a yoga practice like any other prop. It’s simply allowing any given posture to become more accessible to any level student; regardless of age group, body type, or skill set. Practicing balance postures on the chair can actually lead to a greater understanding of alignment. Which lends itself to developing the needed strength, and focus required when practicing posture like tree pose, half-moon, hand-to-toe, or wherever your imagination and curiosity leads you!

Are you still not certain about the possibility of balance practice on a chair? No worries, I invite you to watch this video clip where I’ll demonstrate Tree Pose on and off the chair. Join me and feel the balancing work for yourself. Then let me know what you think! Enjoy.

Balance on a Chair?