3, 2, 1 Let’s Do This! Chair Yoga with Ericka, it’s Happening TODAY!!!

Hello! The day I’ve been chatting about has actually arrived and a new journey of sharing my passion for movement, my curiosity about what living a purposeful life looks like after raising my children, along with my desire to empower others in their wellness/midlife journey!

Movement has forever been my passion, and not just exercise, but rather spirals, shapes, and breath caught in moments. I danced, tumbled and cheered throughout my youth, and I was a dance major in college. My dream was to be a Dance Therapist, then maybe a Physical Therapist.

Neither of those aspiration came to be as I choose to become a wife and a mom of two amazing people. I feel my actual life is pretty much a dream, and definitely a blessing that has made me a stronger, wiser, more compassionate and supportive person. Yet, one’s innate loves never dies, because they are attached to our essence and our sense of being connected to our passion. So movement found me again through the practice of Yoga!

I was a student, then a teacher, then always and forever a student of the practice of yoga movement. I so much enjoy sharing the practice with the non-traditional students, and I fell into the practice of Chair Yoga. Four years ago I created my concept Everybody Yoga with the idea of helping to make yoga more accessible for more bodies with use of props, including the chair! Shortly before launching I suffered a back injury, and had to walk away from teaching as well as the physical practice for a long while.

Now, as I’ve tip-toed back into the practice as a different self, and at a new phase of my life opportunity has risen to meet me again. It’s a second chance to share my personal message, coupled with my knowledge as a teacher out into the world with the hopes of inspiring others to be their best selves. I’m also excited that I will have experts, that I have the pleasure of calling friends, cued up to join me in this journey of bringing you tangible tools to help you feel your best, as well as empowered in your wellness and midlife goals.

Yoga? Yes! But, now coupled with the notion of being in Midlife with the support of Mindful Movement that protects, and heals our bodies. Positive Thought that allows us to be purposeful in our living. Encouragement to Dream Big, and often to allow us to live our lives with Zest!!! So go now and enjoy the content that’s been created thus far with you in mind. Then join our email list and never miss out on all the good things we’ll be creating for you in 2020! Simply subscribe at the bottom of this post.

Once again, Welcome to Chair Yoga w/Ericka … Living Midlife w/ Purpose and Zest! I’m so tickled that you’re here!!! To all my students that supported and encouraged me to this point, and to all the students that will join me in this new endeavor, I genuinely Thank You for being a part of our community. It’s only going to get better with time, because we are the seekers of Making Midlife Marvelous, Cheers!