Chair Yoga Practice #6 – Three Accessible Moves to Strengthen Your Booty and Protect Your Lower Back

How many times have you thought to yourself, if I strengthen my buttocks, and stretch my hamstrings more often I bet I could minimize my back pain? Most likely, not very often, because we’re not taught to think of our bodies as a group of muscles working in unison to create the best physical outcomes for ourselves. We tend to only think of the individual parts, like the buttocks, when we want it to look different. We might also think of the hamstring (back of our upper legs) when it aches from stiffness, or injury.

I want you to change that thinking, because if we begin to think of our bodies as one fine tuned machine; lets say like a ’68 Mustang. We just might begin doing a better job moving our bodies mindfully to help maintain, to help reduce, and to help prevent injury. Which when you think about it, it’s right along the lines of oil changes, tire rotations, and tune ups when needed to keep our favorite rides humming right along, no?

In this seated chair yoga practice it’s all about protecting, and keeping a healthy low back. We’ll practice three accessible moves to strengthen the booty, to release the low back, and to stretch the back of the legs in three different ranges of motion. The beauty of this practice is you can practice it daily, because it only requires your awareness, and your breath! Let’s begin feeling good in our bodies. Push play below and get moving mindfully!!