Chair Yoga Practice #5 – Simple Moves to Relieve Your Stiff Upper Back and Neck

The all too familiar smartphone hunch has become an actual posture in our society, but is it really one we want to adopt? How we sit, or even stand when we use technology can help to create the sensation of a stiff upper back and neck.

Much of our day is spent hunched over a device of some sort, because that’s the reality of our modern lives. However; have you ever stopped to think that our heads can weigh as much as bowling ball? The average human head can weigh 8-11 lbs!! Now imagine that sitting on your neck and have it hanging forward of your body….that’s insane! Yet, most of us are guilty of it everyday, and night.

Move your back and shoulders to help with back pain.

So here’s an opportunity to take a break and work some of that stiffness out of the upper body, while building some strength in our back bodies to create stability for the head and neck. Remember our head is designed to be carried upright over our neck, with the support of our shoulders for ideal alignment. It’s important to remember that with mindfulness, practice, awareness and patients we can redirect old patterns to new one’s that serve us better in our wellness.

Give this practice a try, and remember mindful moment makes the body feel better, and lifts your mood, as well as lift our heads over our shoulders in this instance . Enjoy!