Chair Yoga Practice #7 – 12 minute Chair Yoga Practice to get Your Morning Started Off Right

You have my husband, Chuck, to thank for this one, because I’m not the early riser in our marriage. He asked me to create a Chair Yoga morning routine that could get him up and going, so he could start his day feeling good! Chuck has a demanding job, that has him traveling often and waking up in different cities over any given week. He prioritizes the needs and demands of his clients, which makes him an excellent asset to his company. Yet, he doesn’t allow the time , or space to take care of himself the way he should as a 50 year old man.

I think it’s easy for him to feel that his active days left him back in college when he’d take the time to shoot some hoops, or even hit the weight room. Now the early-bird alarm has him awaking up to conference calls, client meetings, proposal deadlines, and airport schedules to keep up with throughout the week. It’s understandable that he’s exhausted, so it makes sense that he no longer moves with intention with his body, but imagine if he did move with intention on a regular basis.

Consistent, intentional movement would reduce his stress levels. It would improve his mental clarity. It would increase healthy sleep patterns. It would support his ideal health goals, and it would remind him that he’s worthy of feeling good in his body no matter the demands of his work, or family life. The term self care comes to mind, and we ALL need to remember that a little bit of action towards health goes a long way when it comes to improving, or maintaining our personal health goals.

Chair yoga to start the morning right!

So, as his wife I’m grateful that my husband has recognized the importance of his health, making me feel delighted to create this practice with him as my inspiration. With this morning practice we start with the feet, move through the spine, and practice vibrant upper body moves coupled with intentional breath to get us feeling awake and ready to go take on your day. The best part, you can do this practice in your jams on the edge of your bed if you choose to! Give it a try and let me know how it goes. Enjoy and get after your day!!!