Chair Yoga Practice #4 – Do You Sit Often? Here are some Inner and Outer Hip Stretches to Help Keep Your Body Happy.

Today’s practice is all about the hips, because the hips don’t lie…literally! There’s a stiffness that comes from sitting due to work-life, commuting, or my personal favorite, Netflix! Take a moment and think about it though, we spend most of our day not going through the full range of motion that’s available in our hips. We are either sitting, or lying down.

So we’re mostly in flexion, or in neutral position. What about extension? What about internal and external rotation? Or how about the fancy clockwise and counter clockwise circular motions we can make thanks to our ball and socket joint? I mean come on, there’s so much we can do and where not! It reminds me of the use or lose it concept, because there is some truth in that sentiment when it comes to our bodies’ mechanics.

Also, moving the hip in all its directions helps us to keep our joints healthy, our muscles strong, and our body moving in the way it was intended, which is important when it comes to daily activities, interest and hobbies too! Not to mention, the body is an interconnected machine, and when one part isn’t working optimally, it’s bound to impact another action up, or down the chain of movement. So lets get moving in the hips and use them in all their ranges of motion.

In this practice, I will begin by sharing two postures that will help you get a noticeable stretch, while cultivating awareness for your current range of motion for the inner and outer hip region. I encourage you to take these postures and incorporate them into your daily routine. It only takes a little time, mindfulness and breath to make a positive impact on how your body feels. Let’s get started!

(If you have had a hip surgery or hip replacement, please contact your health care provider before attempting these yoga postures. Thank You)

Siting to fix siting!