Chair Yoga Practice #3 – Feet, Ankles, Knees and Hips … Give Them Some Love and They’ll Thank You Later

We never think about our feet until we can’t wear a pair of shoes we’ve fallen for, or when we happen to unexpectedly stub a toe on the base of the bed. I’m not sure why that is, but do we have a natural tendency to take our feet for granted.

That isn’t necessarily a horrible thing, it would just be nice if we took some time to pamper them with some tangible tools that can help to support the health of our feet from time to time.

Today we’ll practice movements that are focused on the toes, feet, ankles. Then we’ll move onto the knees and hips. Followed by a leg stretch , and side body stretch. These movements are ideal for individuals that find themselves seated for a long portion of their day. It’s also a great warm up before heading out for a walk, or hike.

As always, remember to breath deeply, and enjoy the new awareness you’re discovering within your body, breath, and practice. Now let’s get moving mindfully, while cultivating some JOY in the process!