Chair Yoga Practice #1 – Simple Moves to Begin Your Mindful Movement Journey with the Support of a Chair

Welcome! I’m so happy to share Chair Yoga with YOU! It has been four years since I’ve taught yoga in any format. So the idea that I can chat into my phone, while creating a video to share with you is pretty magical for me. Just like all things there is the process of gaining the basic knowledge before we can move onto something more. In this first, video practice l’ll be sharing a brief introduction about Chair Yoga. Some basic things that are important for you to know before you begin.

Then I’ll explore the foundation of any yoga practice, Mountain Pose, except we will be seated on the chair. Then I’ll share spinal movements that will help to bring awareness to your mid-body. It will help to get the sense of stiffness out as we explore how to bring intentional breath into new areas of our torso. This should get you going onto a good day! Also, hopefully intrigued about more things that are possible within a seated yoga practice.

I’m so glad you’re joining me on this new adventure, and just like all things that begin and grow, my teaching and your practice will only improve with time! So stick with me and come back often, because I feel confident that you’ll be glad about being consistent with your practice! Now let’s get moving mindfully in our bodies and cultivate some JOY in the process!